Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Rain

Laundry in the rain
Dubrovnik, Croatia

It's raining today in Vancouver, a great opportunity to talk about...rain. A few years ago, I took this picture in Dubrovnik.

I recently stumbled across it on a blog (which was nice), and read interesting analyses about the picture; a lot about dark, dark...darkness.

Well. In fact it was all about la légèreté de la vie - Lightness of life...
It was the white bed sheet drying in the middle of a small  deserted public square that initially intrigued me;I remember watching it flying free in the wind nothing around but silence. It reminded me of early afternoons street scenes on really hot summer days somewhere in Sicily. It felt good.

Then my mind started to wander, and I imagined a storm brewing, beautiful grey skies closing in, the smell of that first rain, someone rushing out to rescue the laundry on the line, getting drenched by summer rain...
I just imagined some beautiful rain.

What i find interesting here is the many stories a picture can tell - just by changing eyes.
What do you see?

© Photography Sandra van Doorn