Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Magic in the sky

always find it a bit hard to keep in touch when i am travelling; Somehow flying across the skies puts me in a different dimension altogether. 

Last week while waiting at the airport I came across some beautiful words from a Janis Joplin song:

“ Once in a green time a flower fell in love with the sun”

I truly wanted to draw that; a new Mademoiselle, posing as la Fleur in love with the sun. Turns out my Mademoiselle had a mind of her own; With her head lost in the milky way, wishing upon a star, she looks more like Venus falling in love with the sun, don’t you think? (or vice-versa - who knows) 

I hope that magic in today's sky will sprinkle down to earth...

Next on my list of things to do this week: catching up with all of you!!