Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The old lady and the leaves

There is a legend in The Alsace - where i come from - about a peculiar old lady who lives in the forest...
Ok, no one really understands why an old lady would want to live in the forest, though once I heard that fairies do love to hide under green leaves to blend into nature... Maybe she is a retired Fairy? 

Anyway. For a long time, everyone could see the old lady. She would laugh out loud at passers-by, or walk by your side for a promenade, always offering  handfuls of dry leaves. Sounds like a lunatic, I know...  and yet. Apparently someone once took the leaves, and they turned into tons of money. Now we are all looking for her and she is nowhere to be found. 
Perhaps she has moved forest, the one near you? At least you know what she looks like now..

By the way yesterday i decided to make myself a pretty garden and you can have a look at it HERE