Thursday, November 1, 2012


Mademoiselle Céleste is having a bad hair day...
(And birds are loving it!)
In fact i was trying all sorts of hats on Céleste but in the end I decided on a simple cap; I created the illustration for a collection of birthday invitations, here is one of them:

The artwork was done in photoshop, which means i can customise the card so Céleste is available in blue, red, pink… or whatever color you prefer. These ones are being mailed to a little girl far away, but will soon be available in my shop too. More on that later...

Not much else is going on apart from working & enjoying cosy evenings at home. The rainy weather is perfect for drinking tea, reading books… & being happy :)

(If you want to see random snapshots of the small things that make me happy in my studio click HERE.)