Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Follow your heart

And a happy new Year to you all!! 

I hope you had a lovely holiday? 

I am just back from the gorgeous Canadian mountains, had a wonderful break snowboarding & basically getting some head space - and i am now actually happily getting ready to get back to work tomorrow with tons of new ideas! 

I am looking forward to new things this year - i love change & excitement. But new things can also be a bit scary - and to make sure you get it right -  Mademoiselle said it’s best to follow your heart, no matter what…

I hope you’ll get inspired to do the same…?


  1. Happy New Year Sandra! Can't wait to hear about the new things. I get scared of new things too but I am glad I like the adrenaline rush it keeps me trying different stuff :)
    Listen to Mademoiselle she knows best!

  2. Seeing your beautiful images are always inspiring! Happy, creative New Year to YOU!

  3. Welcome back from the mountains and into a new year. I wish you a most creative and brave one!

  4. Happy New Year,Sandra!
    It's fantastic that you and Inspiration have started together the 2013 journey!:) I believe you'll have plenty of wonderful ideas to share through your wonderful drawings! Lots of love, smiles and unforgetable moments!:)))))

  5. meraviglioso!!!!!!!! segui il tuo strada giusta per la serenità!!!!!! buon anno Lory

  6. Happy new YEAR!!

    With a lot of inspiration!


  7. Great advise. Cheers to a Happy 2013 and lots of creativity... :) Glad your back..

  8. Oh ma chère! It is always good to get away to THINK because the ideas DO start to come back and fill us, don't they?

    LOVE MADEMOISELLE....she is as glorious and beautiful as ever, and that golden leaf is full of ideas, coming out of her pretty little head!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for viewing my paper dress! I deliver it this week and I so hope the owner enjoys it...and the public who will see it in the window!

    Blessings to you ma belle, Anita

  9. without changes does not exist art Sandra!!!!
    Happy new changes for you!!!!

  10. Precioso tu trabajo!!! Mis mejores deseos para ti en este nuevo año.Un abrazo grande.

  11. welcome home, dearest, + happy new year.
    it is sure to be a lovely one with Mademoiselle's advice!

  12. Mademoiselle is always right! If you follow your heart you can be sure you will be headed in the right direction. I might add that you are a brave and fearless girl...snowboarding! I'd be scared to death to try that. :)

    I'm glad you had a great holiday break and I wish you a wonderful and happy New Year!

  13. Hi Sandra! Thank you for your sweet comments and Happy New Year to you as well! Follow your heart is so important words and I think Mademoiselle knows that. It is what I am going to do this year as well. Can't wait to start:)We've been away for 2 weeks now and I am so much looking forward to be creative again. Have beautiful days Sandra:)

  14. Happy New Year to you and Mademoiselle! She looks like she's been having fun in the snow too. Good luck with your new projects for 2013. And since new things are scary and exciting, here's an adage a friend sent me: Follow your heart, but take your brain along with you. :) -- J xxx

  15. Lovely and tender this yours last work...!
    Happy new year!

  16. i love your message
    and this lovely piece

    so glad you had a wonderful getting away
    enjoying winter
    and finding new ideas~

  17. Sandra I cant leave my comment on your post Melancholy!!!!!!!!

  18. Happy New Year and Happy Everything Sandra! Looking forward to all your gorgeous art this year! I hope it is not you that is melancholy! xoxo

  19. Happy New Year to you! Following your heart is wonderful advice...I'm going to try really hard to do that this year. I love visiting you and seeing your pretty illustrations. I really love the one on your Christmas post. xo

  20. Hi, Sandra, I'm going to tell you:
    I went for a walk by the river, and saw that there are very white stones, so I said to myself, why not draw on them?
    Then I took a drawing nib and drew directly on the stone with ink
    then painted each one with watercolor
    And that is the whole secret!


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