Sunday, February 3, 2013

Something in the air...

January has been such a funny month...

In a way it’s been busy yet i have not much to show for it. I did finish a few pieces for the exhibition but mostly i have been:

- Staring at blank pages. 
- Drawing awful things & tossing them in the bin.
- Wondering where my inspiration has gone… 
- Feeling very frustrated.

Mademoiselle said it’s fine to feel frustrated. It means something wonderful is just about to happen.(Frankly i have never heard such thing but i am quite happy to believe her for now) 
She said something is in the air, i should chill out & go on a new adventure.

Ok. Why not. And so i am packing my "petite valise" (little suitcase) and i will be off for a little bit…

AND -(drum rolls)

Some Mademoiselle cards/mini prints are now available for sale at The Window Art Shop which is a bit exciting. A few more places are coming up too! Big smile in my heart right now.

Mini prints are 5" x 7", individually wrapped, RRP C$2.75 each. And they actually look great framed too - You can take a look here if you want.

Whatever you are doing, i hope you are all well & happy

xo sandra