Sunday, February 3, 2013

Something in the air...

January has been such a funny month...

In a way it’s been busy yet i have not much to show for it. I did finish a few pieces for the exhibition but mostly i have been:

- Staring at blank pages. 
- Drawing awful things & tossing them in the bin.
- Wondering where my inspiration has gone… 
- Feeling very frustrated.

Mademoiselle said it’s fine to feel frustrated. It means something wonderful is just about to happen.(Frankly i have never heard such thing but i am quite happy to believe her for now) 
She said something is in the air, i should chill out & go on a new adventure.

Ok. Why not. And so i am packing my "petite valise" (little suitcase) and i will be off for a little bit…

AND -(drum rolls)

Some Mademoiselle cards/mini prints are now available for sale at The Window Art Shop which is a bit exciting. A few more places are coming up too! Big smile in my heart right now.

Mini prints are 5" x 7", individually wrapped, RRP C$2.75 each. And they actually look great framed too - You can take a look here if you want.

Whatever you are doing, i hope you are all well & happy

xo sandra


  1. Oh indeed it has my dear! And I think we had the same BUG flying in our thinking caps.....I am still IN THE AIR since last week with my illustrations! Come and see! AND I never was able to get past some instructions for Photoshop. So I had to opt for an inferior quality gif maker.

    Your work is fantastic! Anita

  2. Hi, Sandra, congratulations on the exhibition!
    I think, Mademoiselle, is right in some way
    you can not feel frustrated about something you do not know how it will be, there are times when we just need to wait for the muse comes, not frustrate, and surely that gradually, the magic begins, right?
    as this illustration so beautiful that you are showing us.
    beautiful week for you!

  3. just as our bodies need to sleep, to rest, to rejuvenate, to recharge.... so does our creative muse ;)
    keep on arting one way or the other!

  4. Dearest Sandra!

    Thank you for coming to visit today! Well, I was unable to use PHOTOSHOP because I came to a "step" that I could not understand and see on my screen. So the moving pictures I have on my blog were made with an on-line "MAKE YOUR OWN GIF" feature. It is "O.K.", but I prefer the quality with which you make your moving photos. I need to have someone walk me through the stages of Photoshop because I have so many things I want to do with animation, but I am very limited with the on-line functions!

    THANK YOU AGAIN my dear! Anita

  5. I'm thrilled for your exhibition and other projects! Trust Mademoiselle ... for artists, creativity isn't constant but it's there as long as we have a heart and a brain. - J xxx

  6. Fear not dear Sandra...your inspiration will return!

    I LOVE this!

    I don't have Instagram :(

  7. I could not find your mini prints in the shop...I looked and looked...where are they?

    I forgot to say...have a restful trip! You're not coming to Kansas by any chance are you?

  8. Passo di quì sapendo che mi verrà il sorriso sulle labbra e che mi sentirò leggera!
    Che belli i cuoricini a quadretti che ci sono nell'aria!
    Grazie per il bellissimo pensiero"....significa che qualcosa di meraviglioso accadrà...." :) sono d'accordo con Mdemoiselle su questo! :) anche se non ce ne rendiamo mai conto è davvero così! :)
    Buona giornata, virginia

  9. passare da te è bellissimo!!!!!! grazie per le tue meraviglie!!!!! un abbraccio grandissimo Lory

  10. Funny peculiar or funny Haha? x

  11. how fun that you are packing your suitcase for an adventure
    wishing you peace and joy
    fun and inspiration
    lovely to see your art and read your post


  12. sweet heart,

    i thought january would never end/it seemed to go on for so long.
    i am so with you...a slow-down of sorts in the air.
    i'll trust, for both of us, that all the riches
    inside our beings are alive + well + will be expressed
    at just the right times.

    lovelove xox

  13. Hmmmm there's something about January. It's a silly month.
    May your heart smile more and more. xo Carole

  14. Oh yes, the next time in Vancouver I'll check out Window Art Shop! How wonderful, Sandra.

  15. Oh the sweet time to catch all that has been beginning to grow inside, waiting to come out through fingertips and brush! I wish you peace and the open mind space to catch all imagination. XO

  16. Very exciting to sell postcars with your mademoiselles! I'll take a look Sandra!
    and yes it's ok to be frustrated and a trip is the best cure for it. I promise!

    lots of love from Norway : )

  17. I am happy to hear about your exhibition and that some works are available for purchase, I have long wished to see some of your beautiful art as prints and cards in an on-line shop! xo

  18. Dear Sandra, I'm so happy that this is such an exciting period for you and I wish I could visit your upcoming exhibition! Enjoy your break! Caterina

  19. Sandra...
    I know this feeling
    and everytime it
    visits me...something
    wonderful always happens
    next! Happy Happy Thoughts
    lovely you!

  20. stopping by to send you a sweet hello ~


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