Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer + Exhibition

Mademoiselle is feeling a bit excited about summer...
It’s her favourite season. Then again she says that for every season, but who said you could only have one favourite,right?

Actually talking about summer… i am back in Vancouver wondering if it ever gets hot in this place because summer  for me starts at 30 degrees. Anything under is pretending to be summer, and so far it’s all pretence. Or maybe the sun has a cold. Not sure what’s going on.

Anyway. So far this fake Summer has been very exciting for me too: i spent quite some time in Florence at the Art Academy learning new drawing techniques;
...and while i was away some of my work was showing at the “Little Red Ridding Hood & Other Stories, The Making a Book” exhibition @ Emily Carr University. 

This is old news - the exhibition was in June - but still, you can take a look at it HERE. It seems to me like it was a big success.. 
Clap Clap to all participants & curator Lisa Cinar.

Pfew! that was a long post! And now i am off to pack… again.
More on that in my next post!

till then, be happy:)