Wednesday, September 14, 2011

La mauvaise note (Bad mark)

© sandra van doorn

Oh Dear.I got a terrible mark (la mauvaise note) in life drawing class. 

My teacher said everything was way, way - WAY - out of proportion.
I said “well it’s not really my fault, because that’s how it looks in my world...' 
She looked at me with eyes that shouted "You obviously live in a circus.” 
But all she really said was "That’s not the point of the exercise.” 

End of conversation.

Unhappy teacher. (And I don’t think the model was very happy either). 
The thing is, i am OK with it. I do get the point about proportions of course - i mean, who wouldn’t?
BUT. My hands don’t draw that way.It’s a fact, i suck at proportions. 
And i love it. Is that bad?