Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New friends

What a beautiful morning!

I have got 2 new wonderful friends! Meet Brioche and Tartine;(the names are purely my invention but i think they suit)

They arrived in the mail this morning, all the way from Norway.

In truth I am feeling a bit special because i recently won this beautiful illustration from illustrator Line Katrin - Can you believe it? i’m still a bit beside myself, i never win anything. 

So I was expecting them both, but what a surprise when a entire party turned up! i also received these beautiful tags...

And i must confess i also have a bit of a crush on the business card artwork:

Isn’t she adorable?

What a bundle of happiness and positive energy!
Thank you Line Katrin for this gorgeous gift.

You can see more of Line Katrin's fantastic work HERE and HERE and HERE

So that’s it for today. Short and sweet. And Happy.