Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring break

I have been sooooo busy, days are flying by way too fast; i did manage to finish drawing Lila (above). It's a drawing i started quite a while ago and I kept tweaking here and there and then i heard a - slightly annoyed - whisper:

“Would you please stop playing with my mushroom hat? or else you will scare away the ladybugs?”
That was Lila. Of course. She loves spending time with little bugs. And talking to trees. They even talk back to her, lucky girl.

Oh well.  I suppose sometimes it’s OK to leave things just the way they are. And on that note, i am taking a break... I might even try wearing a mushroom hat.

Material used

Derwent coloursoft pencils
The face: lightsand, light peach, soft pink, cream, mid terracota, Ginger, and red.
The eyes: lincoln green, black, dark brown, mid terracota
The Mushroom hat:  deep cadmium, pale orange, poppy red, dark brown, black,lincoln green and prismacolor pencil in scarlet lake.

The rest is simple pencil (ikea pencil actually... yes the one you get for free when you shop there) and the grass and ladybugs where added in photoshop.