Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Birds & hearts

Today is spring - although you wouldn’t know it by looking out the window...
Not sure what Mademoiselle fed the birds but they seem a bit all over the place?

Perhaps it’s the energy over here. With Paper Hearts almost out of the way, i have been busy working on 2 new book projects, which means i have been a... total hermit.

I can’t show you what’s keeping me busy, so I thought i’d share my 2 favourite illustrations from Paper Hearts - that did not make it into the book:

I used coloured pencils, gouache… and a lot of negative space.

I know a lot of people struggle with empty space & "too much white" but to me that space is similar to a beautiful place where you can simply "be”. For that reason empty space can also be extremely loud… You know what i mean? 
A bit like standing in an empty room surrounded by nothing but what you are. How much of that room would you actually fill up?
I hope these 2 illustrations speak to you in that way...

We will discover the new version of Paper Hearts in fall 2013 when it comes out in bookstores… (big smile in my heart.)


  1. How absolutely lovely!!! This is my new favourite animated illustration! And the other two leave a lot of space for breathing which is very good. Yes empty space can be quiet or loud and sometimes difficult to fill!

    I'm very excited about your book project!!!

    Sorry for having been so quiet these last weeks! I really enjoy your work so much and I'm always so very happy to read your lovely comments on my blog!

    Love to you


  2. It's always lovely to see a post by you Sandra. I know you are busy and I cannot wait to see your new book. And when is the Egyptian Time Travel Amulet coming out? :) xo

  3. Your negative space makes for lovely breathing space in your drawings. My heart smiles with yours in anticipation!
    Tomorrow's weather report is looking a little more promising. From one hermit to another xo Carole

  4. AWESOME MON AMIE! Thank you for this wonderful surprise! Anita

  5. buona primavera anche a te!!!!! un abbraccio Lory

  6. That is exciting, a new book.....Yea, fantastic. Well done you. They are quite time consuming and yes you have to be quite secretive about them, hence, not much artwork on my blog, whilst I work away on books! :) Thank-you for visiting, sorry you couldn't see things properly?

  7. So exciting... :). I love negative space. It is very powerful. Hope the weather warms up for you. It still feels like winter here too... :(

  8. I am so happy that your heart and art will be in a book!

    each of these are such a joy to see.
    i love your zenful open space, so lovely to see.

    i think the birds are more convinced it is spring that we are ;-)

  9. "surrounded by nothing but what you are"...profound white space understanding! LOVE that!
    huge hugs in your book-making + adoring your illustrations!!!

  10. Haha! This is great, I love it! I'm holding a double giveaway on my blog if you'd like to hop over and take a look. :) x

  11. spring time wishes...
    lovely...can't wait
    for a peek inside
    your book!!!

  12. Hello dear Sandra!

    Happy to hear about Paper Hearts and new book projects as well. Exciting!

    I agree with you on "empty" spaces. They make a statement and give focus to the drawn part. I find this minimalism much more loud and strong than anything else really. It makes an impression that attracts my taste.

    I am wishing you a Happy Easter so long : )

  13. Oh, I love your take on negative space. It's just like films, where most people can't stand silence, and so generic films always stuff it with predictable music. But there is sooo much beauty in the silence and the pure, visual experience. Same here with Mademoiselle. I just love the one of her dragging her heart behind her ...

    J xxx

  14. HI Sandra, thanks a lot for your comment!!! :)
    Your art as always is one of my favorites!!
    Fall is here, but the sun is still quite hot at midday, although yesterday the first little snow fell in the mountains.
    I hope the spring, let see soon, there :)))))

  15. Hi Sandra!

    It's lovely to hear about your new projects and congratulations on your picture book!
    By the way, I love the white space in your art!

    xo Reese

  16. Not long ago, I had to look up Spring as I zanted to makes sure of the date...sad...

  17. Oh my goodness, you're doing a book?! How exciting! Your illustrations are so wonderful.

    I'm anxiously awaiting something that looks like spring too. Unfortunately, all I see is snow. xo

  18. By looking at the last two illustrations, Paper Hearts looks great! :)

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Would love it if we follow each other!

    - B

  19. Ma belle, ça fait du bien de te voir chez moi! Merci pour tes commentaires si doux! Bonne journée! Anita

  20. Oh, I just LoVe this image! And while the snow is still melting on some sections of my little acre, spring is stirring!

  21. Dear Sandra, thank you for your motivating comment! I would like to slowly try to change my blog a little bit and so it's nice to get positive feedback :-)

    And of course, it's always a pleasure to see you lovely little birds! I hope you are doing fine!

    Love to you



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