Friday, April 26, 2013

Stolen time & a quick hello

It’s been quite a while since my last post. You were probably wondering where i’d vanished. Come to think of it, i am wondering that myself.
It seems that time is playing a trick on me lately, i am busy rushing all over the place - Mademoiselle even said i’m making her dizzy - and i am getting less and less hours in my day.

I suspect someone is stealing my time.  
Mademoiselle said that’s stupid: it’s obvious i spend too much time in my own world... doing yoga. Dreaming about travelling. Riding my blue bike. Walking in the sunshine. Buying pretty flowers. Spring cleaning  & making delicious foods. Reading books…

So the time keeper has nothing to do with all that. 
I suppose Mademoiselle has a point. 
But then again where else am i suppose to be if not in my own world? 
(Isn’t that where you like to live?)

Anyway, i really wanted to drop in to say a quick hello. Since i don’t have much else to say. And yes it took me a dozen lines to say just that: Hello.

p.s. I am simplifying the way I stay in touch… I find Facebook & Instagram easier ways to share regular snapshots of all the things i love, the things that keep me busy, the things that make me happy… 
Of cooooourse, i will continue posting about Mademoiselle - but in between posts we can keep in touch  here and here :)