Friday, November 15, 2013

Night creatures

It’s 5:13pm and it is pitch dark outside. 
From my desk i am starring at this mysterious darkness, i sit in an almost eerie silence and watch the - almost - full moon. It fills the air with excitement like I am expecting some nocturnal creature to come out & talk to me… It’s so beautiful.

Maybe that’s why Mademoiselle is dressed up like a weird bird. She is learning to catch the wind & do magic she said. (don’t ask me why she needs the wind, she is strange like that, Mademoiselle.)

Apart from dreaming & imagining crazy creatures - studying has kept me away from my pencils.
A few weeks ago i started a new course - Indesign - which i am really enjoying; i have been quite busy learning how to create articles, on-line books & magazines, business cards... Up until now i did it all in Photoshop - so it’s nice to see there is another, simpler way to do those things:)

I hope you are keeping busy doing whatever makes you happy? 
If not, tonight is the night to change it all! 
Mademoiselle is working on her magic powers, so make a wish. 
Because it will come true.
Mademoiselle said so.

Sending much happiness your way...