Sunday, December 1, 2013

Let it snow

Oh My Goodness there is so much prettiness everywhere! 
London is absolutely magical at Christmas time. 
I LOVE it. 

Soon we’ll be saying goodbye to this year…
It’s been a big year. 
Full of good & not-so-good things. 
I don’t know about you but I am reeeeally looking forward to this Christmas break. 
Ready to turn the page into next year!

Talking about turning pages…
I just flipped through Simply Read books’ new catalogue, it’s filled with beautiful books - i already picked the ones i will buy... Can you find Paper Hearts ?


(click here)

I do realise it’s a bit early for Christmas wishes…
but Mademoiselle couldn’t wait to show off her new Christmas hat - Totally cute isn’t it?
So this is my last post for this year.
And Mademoiselle’s last magic spell too: she made you "Happiness snowflakes” - so let it snow, let it snow… 

Wishing you a Magical Christmas

xo sandra