Saturday, April 26, 2014

Popcorn & Sparkles

Mademoiselle is doing it again ! Being a famous nobody & all that! 
Here she is in Somerset Studio Magazine!

This is a bit of a sparkling moment. All fuzzy & bubbly. In the May/June issue of Somerset Studio i am sharing a little bit about my work. But you will also find many wonderful ideas from other artists to inspire your creative work - so spoil yourself & get your copy here  ❀ Mademoiselle says finding creative inspiration is a champagne moment too ❀

Talking about creative inspiration… In my last post i think i mentioned being at a crossroad with my work; Since then ideas have been popping out of my head like popcorn ❀ Mademoiselle says she is not sure popcorn would qualify as a good definition of creative inspiration ❀  but that’s the best way i can describe it...

Soooo… I’d love to stay & chat longer but…  I have a busy working week-end ahead of me. 

And a  magazine to read, of course.

Hope you are enjoying a few sparkling moments too,