Thursday, May 1, 2014

New stuff + Chao

There’s been a big spring clean over here, have you noticed? 
When i was telling you i needed a change i really meant it!
There’s nothing better than getting into action when you want change - it puts everything in motion, moves you forward. I spent this week working on my website; my on-line home is now fun, fresh & light hearted! I really love it.

I must say it was long overdue - particularly because i had some new work sitting around & i really i wanted to share that with you - but i needed to find the time to prepare all the files and then do the up-dating all in one loooong sitting. Quite a mission actually!

There’s much to discover  on the website ❀ such as... i now have an invisible pet elephant called Brioche & you can have a cup of tea & get a happy hug … ❀ intrigued? well, if you have a moment please drop by for a visit Here ; 

Talking about movement: it's time to dust off my little suitcase. 
I am off on a short break! So very excited.
So this is a quick appearance just to say hi & bye. 
Chao chao for now...

P.S - for those who missed my last post… you must be wondering where is mademoiselle today? well...

She is in Somerset Studio Magazine!
Click HERE to take a look!