Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sweet Dreams

"Sweet Dreams" is now available in the shop

What a wonderful sunny day. Days like this make me dream of Italy...
I don’t know why, I always feel that way when it’s sunny. But right now i am just home - and that's ok too - i love quiet happy Sundays at home. I spent this morning preparing a lovely Sunday lunch. And while it’s cooking, i can prepare for the busy week ahead… I thought i’d start by dropping by for a quick catch-up with you. How are you all?

I think I mentioned i was taking a painting class? 
I love paint but i am used to working with coloured pencils so as you can imagine this is a big change. My first attempt at creating backgrounds in this class turned out as a big splash of candy colours (above) - it feels sweet & happy - and dreamy, doesn’t it?

That’s because I have been doing a lot of happy dreaming lately. Dreaming of summer arriving early - and staying longer. Dreaming of escaping somewhere by the sea. Dreaming of painted skies. Dreaming of how much French patisserie i would eat - if only i could. Dreaming of exciting projects coming-up . 
Dreaming of all the possibilities… ❀ sigh ❀

Mademoiselle loves it, bien sûr - Sweet dreams suit her perfectly ❀ she said that’s the one place where you get to have your cake & eat it too - so make sure you dream big  ❀  

If you too are in the mood for big happy dreams & cupcakes! ❀  you can find some HERE 
I’ll leave you with some sunny pictures: this is Italy, by the sea. Should i just go pack my bag, i wonder...