Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fibs & Fools

We all know Mademoiselle is very good at speaking her mind ❀ whether we want to hear her or not ❀ She is very candid like that, Mademoiselle… so why the XXL nose?
Well. It’s all my fault. I really wanted a swing for the little Easter bird. Had nowhere to hang it. Needed to think outside the box to create a spring tree branch. And since today is April’s fool… 
Goodness, doesn’t it sound like a all-in-one combo - Easter+April’s fool+happy spring celebration?

Anyway.  This is meant to be a quick hello + a BIG thank you to all of you who visited My petit shop !  I have had more than 2000 visits since the opening 10 days ago - yes, your are awesome thank you!

It’s a beautiful spring day today; Spring makes me so very happy. 
So much prettiness everywhere. 
Makes me feel like exciting things are just around the corner. It’s a time of the year when i really love doing new things; I recently attended a couple of classes on art &money (yes i know what a combination…) &  a few other classes on painting techniques. I bought & read a few books on the same subjects. 

Well. Sorry to say, but after all that i still have no secret recipe for success to share with you. 
BUT - I did walk away from it all with a sense of peace - more confident in my usual approach to work & life:  
cultivate your own uniqueness. Do what you want.

That still rings true to me. So it’s time to move onto the next project - it’s all about Mademoiselle  this time ❀ By the way Mademoiselle is still looking for my eraser - so you might get to see her face without the XXL nose after all…❀

I’ll share more about it soon, but for now I leave you with a few instagram spring moments from over here… i hope you have a fun day today- and maybe start doing something new too?