Monday, October 27, 2014

Back to school…Late!

Ok. I am very late for a back to school post! But hear me out…

In my last post i shared my working space and some bits & pieces about my work process.  That was quite a while ago. Then i went on "boot camp mode" to prepare for my new book…. One day rolled into the next, and many many drawings later tah dah! It’s suddenly October!

This month it’s time to take drawing to a new  level… i joined the Lilla Rogers MATS course - a class filled with lots of fabulous & very talented people - it’s full on, i love it. The class is extremely professional, packed with very good tips & exercises, you really do learn so much. This first week i left the class room with a great sense of achievement! 
The first assignment was all about creating art for bolt fabric based on a theme: Root vegetables & casserole. This is a very new field for me; i have never done fabrics before and i absolutely loved it. 

So this is my very first bolt fabric submission ever :)
I am not sure how this looks to fabric gurus - but i learned so much in the process i am rather happy witht it!  What do you think?

Looking at it now - after just one week’s class - i can see how there is room for improvement!
I will be back with more next week so stay tuned - and feel free to ask questions!