Monday, August 4, 2014

Living in a fairytale. Minus the witches

Do you remember the video project i was telling you about back in June? Well. It’s heeeeere. Eeek!!!

I am so excited to share this with you guys! it was such a fun day. We filmed at The Library Space (no, this is not my studio!) because my home studio is really tiny. (on that note, big thanks to Emma de Clerq @ The Library Space, Anthony & Patricia Mascolo, and Gem Club for helping make this happen. Sometimes things & people just come together…)

I must confess, being in front of a camera is not easy - i wasn’t sure what to do with myself and the word "Action” seemed to have the opposite effect on me. Like... freeze. So funny. I can officially say i am no movie star!!  I will try & do better next time; the video is called "Living in a fairytale. Minus the witches". It’s short. It tells a little bit about my work. And it is made just for you. So grab a cup of what you love, change the channel -  And come & live in a fairytale with me HERE - if only for a little bit…

With thanks to the filming crew Director/Editor:Sara Galvao, Director of photography:Tobias Marshall, Camera assistant: Matthew Clark, Hair & make-up: Monika Swiatek