Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Close your eyes

“Sometimes, you can see much better if you close your eyes”..

Hey Peeps! It’s wrap-up week over here!
Suitcases are out. Ready to be packed for a short Christmas holiday. And i am also moving studio next year - so boxes are everywhere… It feels busy in here. Sometimes i look around, feel overwhelmed &  i don’t know where to start - so i just sit & panic for a minute. Mademoiselle said "close your eyes, you will see much better..”. 
(I did.  And started dreaming of a beach holiday…totally off subject). Anyways - long lists of things-to-do always work when you are in panic mode, right? 

Also, i will be closing the shop tomorrow -  Thursday 18th December - so dash over to make your last minute purchases! I have just listed new happy cards… go have a look HERE!

I’ll meet you here again next week for the final Mademoiselle of the year… 
till then kiss kiss...