Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Short & sweet

"It's ok to think the stars are shining just for you. Because they are"

Not long now till we celebrate Christmas & jump into a new year...
Perfect time for Mademoiselle to make a come back! The news page wasn't the same without her, was it? 
Talking about news page... Have you noticed... with quick up-dates via social medias it seems like most readers, well....don't read so much anymore - but appreciate a quicker way to know what's happening. So i have been thinking... as of next year, let's change the way we stay in touch on the news page - i am exploring options (other than Blogger) Mademoiselle will still be there to inspire us, of course - But it will be short & sweet. Could that work? 
I am hoping to post a couple more Mademoiselles to wrap up this year, beautifully... 
So stay tuned... xx