Friday, March 6, 2015

Life in full bloom

March is so very exciting...
I am sure you have heard of the Lilla Rogers Class - i took it last year to discover more avenues for illustration work and it was nice to discover how much work there is out there! The course greatly helped me define which areas of work appeal most to me and i left with a good sense of direction. This week it was back to school, the class is packed with awesome talent (which i must admit still makes me a tad nervous..) you get real information about each industries, professional tips on how to grow your business & advice to evolve in your artwork. 

Anyways. Our first assignment this month was to create a generic holiday card based on TRAINS. 
The artwork above is my submission… rather a kooky train, no? but If you follow me on Instagram you can see the card was largely influenced by my latest travelling... I visited Holland, absolutely loved the quirky narrow Dutch houses & old mills. Just so gorgeous. 

Of course the best part about March is Spring! Nature is about to explode with beauty! 
I just loooove this season (i say that for every season…) it makes me feel so alive, like life is in full bloom….
Well peeps, I hope your life is blooming too - i’m off to enjoy the pretty weather…. Mademoiselle is due to make an apparition on the blog soon so stay tuned.. xo