Friday, March 13, 2015

Tea party by the seaside

Up until I was about 12 years old, I used to believe seahorses were imaginary creature...
When i finally realised they do exist it was such a revelation… such tiny, strange fish, suspended in water… so mystical, they really seemed to come straight out of a fairytale!

This week’s assignment for Lilla Rogers MATS class is Baby apparels, and the theme we were given is SEAHORSE. 
I wanted to stay away from the traditional seahorses + sea scene, so I invented a tea party -by the seaside. I hope it is not too "off subject”? 
Even if it is, it’s ok, because i really loved creating this piece and that’s just as important - (While i was researching the subject, i read about the meaning of Seahorses. Apparently they teach us to be content with who we are, where we are at… )

And Because i loooove picture books, i also created this piece below… The illustration was done entirely with photoshop (even made my own brushes & textures)

The seaweed does look more like fluffy-cloudy-flowers, but why not, i guess if i was a  Seahorse, i would like a garden like this...

Have a great week end! xo