Monday, May 4, 2015

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the happiest of all?

Last night i was reading a great article about the happiest jobs in the world.
Apparently gardeners are the happiest of all. Spending days with flowers & all sorts of plants beats any commute & office boxes, right? but i secretly think i have the best job in the world, and i have been busy… growing it.

First exciting thing is that i am 3/4 of the way with book two: the illustration above is an extract from it, lots of pretty blues…
I have also been busy making some pretty things for you. Lovely new cards, soon to be listed in the shop (due to re-open in June!)… and looking to license some of my images to the paper industry (which is a bit of a dream…)

It’s all moving in the right direction - albeit one sloooow tiny step at the time. Sometimes it is a tad too slow for me but i keep reminding myself to focus on the journey not the destination. 

Meanwhile cultivating a little happiness is as much gardening as i get to do… The pretty weather makes it that much easier to enjoy simple things. Like packing a picnic & going on long bike rides, jumping out of bed for a morning jog by the beach, a couple of hours by a tree with a book. It’s all good.
So I hope you get to do some growing too… Growing your dreams. Letting your happiness blossom… Being the happiest of all. xo