Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kiss & Fly

I can’t believe it’s already week 3 of Lilla Rogers class!
This week was all about flying &… scrapbooking icons!

Not so easy. Scrapbooking is new to me - but as I worked on this submission, balloons, a little vintage feel topped with a dash of poetic colours unfolded beautifully on my screen. I decided to work in Photoshop (somehow clear cut digital icons seem more popular then artistic messiness…) One thing I have learned from this course is the importance of perfect icons, it took a lot of work to design each one of them.
Oh! By the way, last week’s piece was featured in the weekly review by Lilla Rogers - got a shout out for distinctive style... Made me blush. Honestly i never thought it would get on Lilla’s radar because each week i visit the submission gallery and OMG, OMG,OMG - so much amazing artwork… 
So a little tap on the shoulder was lovely, thank you Lilla. A little progress at the time is all we need to focus on. It’s part of the process, isn’t it? to become big one must learn to be small.
Anyway, back to this week’s submission: here you can see a close-up of my favourite icons from the scrapbooking page - they will make lovely postcards for the shop, don’t you think?  I hope you like them?

It’s time to enjoy some relaxing time after this intense week - i don’t have big plans for the week-end - i guess sometimes it’s ok to do nothing… xo