Monday, January 6, 2014

Living in a blue sky

It’s soooo good to be home!

Getting back to work has been a slow process today - so far i only managed to make a long list of “things to do”
Goodness there’s much work ahead!

But mostly i have been wondering about what this new year will bring. Unlike most people around me I don’t know. At first i got a bit worried, even felt inadequate: 
I don’t have a list of resolutions.
I don’t have grand plans. I don’t even have a new diary yet.
Just a list of things to do.
Something must be wrong with me!?no?

Well. no. that’s exactly how i want it:
I am leaving the door open to whatever wonderfulness will come this way. The right things always find you at the right time.
It’s going to be a wonderful year i know that much - so here is to a year of living in a blue sky - will any of you join me?

Mademoiselle too was feeling a bit left in the dark…
That was all my fault!
Noticed how her hat sits nice & low? 
well… there was teeny weeny accident on my desk. It involved a bit of ink. And i completely messed-up her eyes. 
But she doesn’t need to know that…