Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow on tap

Well, well. 
It seems like the year of possibilities is starting rather well. Guess who is having a big cup of tea in Oslo?
Sitting at a lovely cafe with my paper & pencil.
Snow and tea on tap.
And a wonderfully strange feeling of lightness. Travelling does that to me. The minute i walk out of my home with a suitcase it feels like i am stepping into a dream.
Mademoiselle is laughing at me because she knows i do eventually come back home - usually with too much laundry to do - She says “And how is that for getting me back to reality?”
Anyway.This is just a quick hello; right now i am preparing a new Mademoiselle for February - looking forward to celebrating LOVE?
Until then, I’ll leave you with a few instagram snapshots from Norway; This first blurred picture is me  trying to fly…  
Oh un peu de folie is so wonderful, don’t you think? Remember to add some to your day.