Saturday, February 1, 2014

Queen of Hearts

Andy Warhol said People should fall in love with their eyes closed. 
Well. Mademoiselle said it’s totally ok to take a teeny weeny peek. (You’d be crazy not to…)

Talking about love… Last year i wanted to get an "expert" opinion on my work, so i met with an art director -who said i should ditch the hearts. He found it terrible, all that love. Really? Can anyone really feel that way? (I hear Mademoiselle Queen of Hearts shouting "off with their heads”!!) 
Then i met with another one who said exactly the opposite.
Go figure. 

One thing is for sure pretty hearts make the world more beautiful & it’s pretty cool to be part of that. I am sure we all agree?
My first book, Paper Hearts, is full of them. Hearts & hearts & more hearts!! (Now it's a good thing we just agreed we should fall in love with our eyes closed because i don’t have a copy of the book to show you yet but i sure hope you already love it… Just in case you feel like Mademoiselle you can take a look-see HERE

Hearts or no hearts - whatever floats your boat - i hope life is beautiful on your side of the world? This is what it looks like over here…

xo from Oslo