Thursday, March 20, 2014

Drum rolls & Confetti

Drum rolls & confetti please!!!
I think i vaguely mentioned opening a shop about a century ago didn’t i? well, well… it’s finally here! Goodness. What took me so long i don’t know - but today is the day! Shall we say it’s a big champagne day?

I must say I am feeling very excited more so because it has taken so much time and work to create the shop & each products’page - there was a stage i was considering giving up. So it’s a great pleasure seeing this project - finally - finished. (Well almost finished a few product pics are missing like the Happy Cards packets - but i will be posting those soon)

I am a tad nervous too; one part of me is loving the idea of having a little shop - the other is.. well let’s say much more cynical about it. Strange thinking, i know.
But actually strangeness is very common; It even struck the greatest artists - just think of Frida Kahlo saying "I used to think I was the strangest person in the world..” 

I am sure we can all relate at times?(please say yes) Mademoiselle said that's actually quite fabulous because strange is the new cool ❀ sigh ❀

Now. Let's get started, with Mademoiselle Frida as our guest of honour (isn’t she looking fab?) and again: drum rolls, confetti... and ta-dah! 

HERE is the shop!

I really look forward to your visit - drop-by anytime, browse a bit ❀ don't forget to bring along your strangeness ❀ let's have a virtual cup of tea together let me know what you think ok?
You can send me a message HERE

I'll leave you with a few snapshots; it’s been a busy "copy & paste” kind of life over here; same routine day-in/day-out setting-up the shop, creating webpages & loving spring from my messy desk…