Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Camera, Action… and doing nothing

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Bonjour, bonjour!! 

Isn’t it amazing, May is already drawing to an end! 
This month i took a break from my computer & pencils - and anything remotely related to drawing - to do a bit of nothing and to work on a completely different kind of creative project: filming a short video about my work...

It was such an exciting project! 

For a while now i have wanted to organise an open studio for you guys; 
But the thing is i just can’t have an open studio. Because…well,

1. I don’t have an actual “studio” - (
That’s a good one, isn’t it?) 
What i call "my studio" is an afterthought attic, perched high at the top of our home, small & accessible only via a skinny awkward  ladder ❀ not so handy for open days ❀

2. And of course… I am here in London. 

And YOU are… well, everywhere else.

So this short video will be a simple way to invite you into my quirky little world & i cannot wait to share it with you!! 
Filming was such a fun experience - it actually gave me a huge boost of  energy! 

It was getting busy in my head for the past few months - which can be quite paralysing, you know what i mean? ❀ But Mademoiselle said not to worry - sometimes doing nothing is the best way of doing something. Walking away from reality for a bit always helps put things into perspective. And into place ❀  

And so it made sense to take a short break too. I spent a lovely week-end in Barcelona; It was a sunny break though not warm enough for a first swim - summer was not quite there yet. (Sunny Pictures HERE)  ❀ Mademoiselle too was happy to take a break from our work routine & reinvent herself. Like her new look? Shop the new look here ❀

So while we wait for summer - and for the video to be ready - i’ll leave you with a few behind the scene snapshots from the shoot; part of it was filmed @ the gorgeous Library Space  below:

Wishing you all a happy day