Monday, June 23, 2014

School fun + Summer gifts

Wouhou! I am back! 
Feels like i have completely vanished from blogland! If you follow me on Instagram you know June has been filled with a little globetrotting & some school fun. Busy, busy.

You know by now I am addicted to traveling & learning new things. It fills me with effervescent energy - it’s so fabulous. It's a bit like having a solo dance party in the bathroom… 
❀ Mademoiselle says that’s a good thing because life is a big school. So one might as well love learning... ❀

So. Back to the story. After a few trips here and there, i got back to London to attend a class at The University of the Arts London.
Looooved it.

The course was all about translating what i do on paper (drawing) into computer work. I have my own way of doing this, but i really wanted to fine tune my skills. One of the advantage of digital work is that you do not need a studio full of materials - A good option when traveling, isn’t it?
So, how do you like this new Mademoiselle above? She is 100% digital!

Talking about classes i got very inspired by the lovely Nelleke - i adore her work - who seemed so excited about her experience @ the Lila Rogers E-school - i decided to sign-up for the next class!  
It starts in October - and i wonder... will any of you join me in the classroom? That would be so much fun. You can check it out HERE

So summer is being fabulous so far. 
And to put a big smile in your heart too - here is a gift!
You will find Free World Shipping in the shop
(Just enter code SUMMER @ the check-out - offer valid until 31th July 2014)

Yes! Go ahead spoil yourself. And why not have that solo dance party to celebrate!

That’s it for today; i hope you are discovering new things too & doing lots of whatever makes you feel happy & bubbly...

And please, stay tuned as more summer gifts will keep coming your way!!