Saturday, June 28, 2014

Books & Cakes

What did Mademoiselle really uncover? find out HERE

Knock- knock. 
Who is there? It’s Paper Hearts of course !!

I was baking a fondant au chocolat when…  my book arrived in the mail this morning!!
Paper Hearts is out!!  
Books & cakes. Two of my favourite things... Sweet morning indeed.

A BIG thank you to the many of you who ordered a copy a while back - your support is so very wonderful. You put a big smile in my heart.
AND. A big thank you too… to those who will order a copy now

For those who haven’t seen it yet... should we watch the trailer together? 

Please support your local bookstore - they can get Paper Hearts for you!
(IBSN 978-1927018415)

And remember: The Summer Fête - with gifts for you - is still on! Stay tuned on Facebook….