Thursday, July 24, 2014

Secrets & books

I have been butterflying between home & elsewhere a lot (pictures here) - sand on my toes & salt in my hair... feeling so very free.
Summer does that to me. 

❀ Mademoiselle said everyone should do some butterflying- to cultivate your secret garden. Think of all small things that make you happy, keep them in the one place. It’s like filling up your soul with so much bubbles & excitement, you feel like you are going to burst…❀

Well, I have been in love with the beach since i was a little girl (i suspect i was a mermaid in a past life…) so my secret garden is full of sunny memories. And just the way i used to collect seashells - popping them in a box so i could take a look later - i love to collect ideas when i am travelling. 
My head is full. My notebook is looking messy & fabulous. I took all that home with me, 
because as much as i love  escaping & exploring the world, i also really - reeeeally - love coming back home. I actually miss my work when i am away. 
So it makes me equally happy to be back at work - especially now I am working on my next book! more on that later.

Talking about books, how did you like Paper Hearts
My thought with Paper Hearts was to sprinkle a little happiness around the world… i love the idea of making the world more beautiful. Did it work?

I hope you are doing a lot of what makes you happy -  What are you adding to your secret garden i wonder? if you don’t know where to start let a few Paper Hearts fly in… xx